Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Breaking News!

Well, not really...

But since I am the type of person who's knows nothing about what is going on around her, but will know about things like this, I just thought I would share:

Asunción, Paraguay, Miércoles 21 de Febrero de 2007 Locales
Epidemia es incontenible: Se tienen 654 casos en un día

La epidemia de dengue se muestra incontenible. En las últimas 24 horas se tuvieron 654 nuevos casos, contra la media de 400 reportes. El gobierno de Duarte Frutos se empecina en no declarar emergencia ambiental, a pesar del fracaso en controlar la epidemia que nos azota.

En 24 horas se registraron, oficialmente, 654 casos nuevos de dengue. De un promedio diario de 400 reportes, ahora recibimos el balde agua fría de que ha subido a 654 en las últimas horas. El número de infectados ha trepado a 10.148, según el listado del Ministerio de Salud Pública.

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February 20, 2007

Led by DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE, trade unions, women’s, human rights and development groups and religious orders launched today an emergency appeal for Guinea to Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter MacKay. The West African country of nine million inhabitants is in the midst of a serious political and human rights crisis following the imposition of a state of siege and martial law.

Canada must immediately condemn the human rights violations taking place in Guinea, as well as the repressive Conté regime and the armed forces responsible for the violence that has caused thousands of injuries and over 100 deaths since the beginning of the year.

Thanks to its contacts in the field, DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE has learned that the situation in Guinea has greatly deteriorated since its large union federations launched general strikes to protest against General Conté’s corrupt and repressive regime. There have been reports of summary executions of civilians and harassment of union and civil society representatives, including women and youth. Security forces have looted both businesses and private homes and committed rape and other abuses against civilians, according to witnesses.

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World News
Torino, Italy
13 year old had to abort because of a judge ruling

Alan Zammit 17 February 2007

An Italian judge ordered a 13 year old girl from Torino to abort her unborn child because her parents were opposed to the baby.

Italian legislation states that a minor is not allowed to decide whether to abort or not and the 'decision' falls entirely on the guardians or parents.

The shocking story was brought into light by Italian newspaper La Stampa in which the paper reports that the girl didn't want to abort the baby but had to after the ruling. She then had to receive treatment after telling her parents she was going to attempt a suicide.

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This last article was linked to in Canada Pro-life (Yahoo Groups), and one person made this comment:
My experience is that pro-choicers automatically discount any and every situation where abortion is involved. Their argumentation goes something like, "pro-choice all the time", until faced with a situation where choice was obviously not involved. It then changes to, "a girl that age isn't old enough to be a mother". It reveals why we call them pro-aborts as opposed to pro-choicers.
In defence of most pro-choicers, I think the vast majority would be shocked by this article too. The only ones who would brush it off by saying the girl wasn't old enough are the radical, anti-pregnancy, extremist ones, and they are in the minority. After all, isn't pro-choice about having a choice? Many pro-choice wouldn't even consider having an abortion personally, but do not feel that they are in a place to dictate what other people choose. (Were it slavery or anything else, however, the same people would have no problem with telling others "You can't do that.")