Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bread n Roses

(edited February 8, 2007)

When the Bread n Roses march started out, it seemed a noble cause: a march against the poverty of women and children. What could be more noble? Ok, some of them might be pro-abortion, but personal beliefs aside, the cause was a good one, right? Well, either they had a hidden agenda or they have sadly degenerated since then, because Suzanne from Big Blue Wave had a link to this:
I'm strongly tempted to start a factious campaign to legislate against pregnancy. After all many aren't informed about the dangers of pregnancy and suffer physical and psychological damage. Many have pregnancy thrust upon them. Rates of death also known as maternal morbidity are between 4&5 per 100,000 births. While this may seem low these deaths could have been avoided if we had laws against pregnancy. Many women regret their decision to continue their pregnancy for the rest of their lives. Causing them guilt and depression.
So now they would like to legislate against pregnancy? Actually, it is a fake (satirical) campaign, so it's not like they're going to take this to the government, but still... What the h@ll would that mean? Would pregnancy be illegal? Or perhaps we'd have to go through careful testing before getting the go ahead, anyone likely to have bad genes or need a c-section would have to be permanently sterilized? Those that were allowed to be pregnant would only be allowed one pregnancy? So those of us who are fighting for the right to give birth the way we want it, naturally, with or without a mid-wife/doctor, in our homes, standing up or kneeling down if we feel like it... we'd be fighting in vain, because these over-zealous feminists would take that away from us? They're obviously smart enough to know that would never fly, but I'm sure it doesn't keep half of them from wanting to.

You know what? If they don't want kids, that's their personal problem, we aren't going to force them to conceive. If they've already conceived, we might want them to at least carry the baby to term and then get rid of him/her through adoption, but we won't force them to conceive. So if they want to have empty sterilized lives and empty sterilized sex, then it's their job to make sure they sterilize themselves properly. So leave the rest of us alone if we want to get pregnant. For us, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.

You, know, it is especially this kind of campaign on the part of the pro-choice crowd that gets me the most. The one that puts the message out there that pregnancy is hazardous to your health. How many women die every year from breast cancer? Compare that number to those that die every year from pregnancy. They say in the breast cancer campaigns that almost everyone knows someone who's died of breast cancer. Can you say the same of pregnancy? How many people around you know someone who has died from pregnancy? Now, did you know that your risks of catching breast cancer diminish with every child you bear and breastfeed? Yes! Breastfeed'em long and hard! But be careful! Side effects may include increasing tenderness towards your off-spring, increased nurturing tendancies and (God forbid!) a desire to have more of those brats children.

If they are so scared about the risks of dying from pregnancy, perhaps they should also avoid stepping outside their homes from now on, let alone taking a car. Because the risks of dying in a car accident are also waaaay higher than the risks of dying from pregnancy. Not to mention, as someone else pointed out to me, morbididty is disease or damage, and not death, so the above lady doesn't even have the right numbers.

The rest of you, please feel free to check out their facetious/factious campaign against pregnancy, Birth Pangs. These women are raving lunatics desperate and grasping at straws. One has to wonder if they actually realize that they too are the result of a pregnancy they have a very sick sense of humour. Their poor mothers, forced to endure pregnancy, and then forced to care for and educate the little monsters children that came forth. If they think that they represent the majority of women in Canada, boy are they mistaken. I know plenty of pro-choice people who would never talk about pregnancy in this way.