Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bread n Roses Part Two

OK, I'll admit that at first I thought that the site Birth Pangs was for real. The way it was presented, I didn't get that at first. But then I edited my post but not well enough it appears, as I didn't take enough out. I got comments, so I went back and edited some more. I'm not going to take back what is there. I stand by the edited post.

Just now I followed a link back there and found the following comments, about me:
How focused on demons do you have to be not to get it?
Me? Focused on demons? Yeah, I have five of 'em, give me a break already, my demons will be paying your pension one day. A brain can get scrambled with five of those, okay? In all seriousness, I have actually come across serious sites similar to Birth Pangs, all women who had abortions, decided to come and brag about it, and treated children pretty much as disgusting snotty creatures. Pretty sad. So, really, would it be so hard to believe the same possible elsewhere?
I checked out the coucoumelle link. The faint praise she awards Bread'n'Roses at the start of her entry sounds like a feeble attempt to feign the appearance of balance and niceness. Because when she weighs in with her attack on Birth Pangs and indirectly, also B'n'R, it's obvious that she's not actually read our threads in depth, especially those where we have candid and informative discussions about sexuality and pregnancy.

Also, her fundamentalist Catholic and anti-choice criminalizing stance has deprived Jeanne of the sense of humour and critical thought that one could imagine that a Québecois woman who writes so well would possess.
I do not feign the appearance of balance and niceness. When I first came across the march, I thought, "Wow!" When Development and Peace supported people marching with Bread n Roses, despite the controversy over abortion that that created among catholics, I supported Development and Peace. The thanks that D&P and other Catholics get is all this nasty satire obviously directed at us, among others. Birth Pangs might be satire, funny and in good taste, it is not.

For what it is worth, I have a sense of humour. If I did not... well, let's just say that afore-mentioned demons are lucky that I do. I guess I just don't have a sick sense of humour.

Gee, somebody thinks I write well. (Blushing)
Sadly, it always ends up being about the Sex, again Wink
Isn't it though? Isn't that what you want? Sex with no consequences, no responsibility? Some scholars even go so far as to say that it is only the pill that has allowed women to be equal to men, because finally they don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancy. How ridiculous is that?

The above has to do with what I said: "So if they want to have empty sterilized lives and empty sterilized sex, then it's their job to make sure they sterilize themselves properly. So leave the rest of us alone if we want to get pregnant. For us, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks."

You know, it isn't until you find out that there is something better out there that you realize that what you have is empty. Until then you are oblivious. I mean, when all you've ever eaten is canned Chef Boyardee spaghetti, how could you know there is better spaghetti out there? Then you make a little effort and you upgrade to catelli and canned spaghetti sauce, and you wouldn't want to go back to Chef Boyardee. But then comes a time when you decide to put a lot more effort, (and even some sacrifice) into making your own sauce. You never buy canned spaghetti sauce again. But wait, it's not over. One day, you decide to try using fresh tomatos instead of canned tomato paste in your sauce. Finally, you get yourself a pasta maker and you start making your own spaghetti instead of using catelli. Could you then go back to eating Chef Boyardee? If you had to eat it, you would think "Yuck." And yet, you used to love the stuff.

I'm just saying that the more effort, yes, the more sacrifice you put into something, the more you will get out of it.