Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So Cute...

Nicolas is 13 and a half months now and has started copying our every move... (well almost) Marc was calling Toby (the dog), this evening to come inside, and whistling for him, so Nicolas started yelling "Ahhh!" and then started blowing out, trying to whistle too.

When the kids go to brush their teeth, Nicolas spits into the sink too.

He walks around, coughs and puts his hand in font of his mouth while coughing.

The other day, Gabriel was reciting the alphabet, and Nicolas started to chant too, his own personal alphabet.

He says "uh-oh" and "mama". He also said "um-um" twice when he wanted to nurse and I was being obtuse, and not getting it, although that was awhile back. He comes running to me (since Dec. 26) and says "Mama!" I love that. I think he is the first for whom that is the first real word.