Sunday, December 10, 2006

When Mass is stressful

So, I went to mass at St-Patrick's Basilica in Montreal today. (In English for a change) And the whole time I was there, this guy, whom I see every time I go there (which isn't that often), and whom I presume to be the usher (or something), stood on the other side of the aisle and stared at us for maybe 10 minutes at a time. He would then thankfully leave, only to come back and stare at us some more. Like he had to make sure that I was making sure that my kids were behaving, or something. Would you be surprised if I told you my nerves were on overdrive by the time mass was over? Of course, it was 5:00 pm mass, which means the kids are more tired and rambunctious, but just the stress made their behaviour seem so horrible to me, when normally, I think I would not have been so irritated.

I have to say, the priest was very nice. We were not far from the door, and he was saying goodbye to parishionners and came over to do some high-fives with the kids.

But I won't be back unless I really have to. Today, I had no choice either. There was (exceptionally) soccer this morning and there are no afternoon or evening masses in St-Jean.