Sunday, December 31, 2006

A perfect winter afternoon

I don't ask that my kids start playing hockey, or even learn to play hockey. I'm not that into hockey myself. Plus it costs a lot and one serious sport is enough. But I AM canadian enough to think that every Canadian should at least KNOW how to skate, especially when they have a frozen pond right in front of their house!!

We all went out this afternoon, (except for Marc, who was reparing the sink, and Jean-Alexandre whose skates no longer fit), to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the freshly frozen pond. (If you remember, just 5 days ago, the pond was open water, it was raining here and there was no snow to be seen anywhere.) The temperature hovered around zero today, so it wasn't melting, but it wasn't cold out either. Perfect weather for skating!

By the time these pictures were taken, Dominic was already back inside and so was Nicolas. Even Nicolas played outside for at least half an hour, running around the pond in his boots and having a great time. Toby also came out on few occasions, to run after us and generally be a huge pain in the butt.