Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting rid of Christmas = intolerant

If you like to travel, when you pick your destination, pay for the tickets, research things to do and see, and plan how long you'll be away, do you normally pick the place that will be the most like your own? Do you plan to hit every McDonald's on the itinerary and avoid at all costs the local cuisine? Do you expect them to cancel their carnavals and festivals if they are not like your own? Or do you pick a place because it is different? New? Exciting? Do you try out all the local eateries to get a taste of their cuisine? Do you attend the festivals and shows?

If now, you were to move to a new country, would you expect them to get rid of any and all public displays of religion and anything even remotely linked to religion, just to accomodate you? Or would you get to know the customs, attend their parties, even if you weren't of the same religious affiliations, and respect their culture?

So why is it that here in Canada, we want to erase any trace of Christmas, all in the name of "tolerance"? Only a very small minority actually wants to get rid of it, and unfortunately they must be in the elite, becasue they are starting to get their own way, forcing their ideals on the majority. Whatever happened to democracy? This small minority is doing this in the name of a much larger, yet nonetheless, minority who is not of Christian background, in the name of tolerance. But get this: this small minority is in fact NOT comprised of (for the most part) members of the minority they claim to be "tolerating". In fact, talk to immigrants of different cultures and faiths and they will tell you that they came to Canada knowing that Canada is mostly of Christian background and that many of our holidays have to do with Christianity, and this does not bother them. I had muslim friends in Prince George. They came to our Christmas parties and invited us to their Eid al Fihr parties. There was never any talk of "tolerance", in fact I was not tolerating them, I actually enjoyed their company a lot, thank you very much.

No, this minority who would like to get rid of Christmas so much, and proposes we "tolerate" people, is in fact mostly comprised of people of christian background. People who, for some reason, are completely disillusioned by christianity, and would dearly love to get rid of anything that reminds them of it. Naturally, one must have a good reason for attempting to deprive a whole country of its very culture, and therefore they have invented tolerance. Ironically, these same people would likely never expect the "favour" to be returned, were they to sojourn in a foreign country. The following conclusion might therefore be made: Christian things are intolerant. That Christmas tree there? It's a sign of intolerance. It's like spraypainting a svastika on a wall. Having a Christmas party or any kind of Christmas school concert is right up there with riding around covered in white bed-sheets and burning crosses. Any other religion? Acceptable. Christianity? Not.

Of course, these people do not stop to think that in fact, in the name of tolerance, they are promoting the suppression of a whole culture, by an elite minority. Doesn't quite sound just now, does it? Doesn't quite sound tolerant either does it? In order to be "tolerant" should we all think, act and speak the same way? Since when does tolerance mean that two people suppress their individuality to become clones? This doesn't work for couples, how can it work for anything else? Suddenly it all begins to sound a lot like communism. Isn't tolerance really all about letting all individual cultures thrive?

Sounds to me more like the rebellious blabbering of adolescents who think that their parents are the most uncool, unfair, unjust, ridiculous, and intolerant of all parents, and can't wait to move out. Well, I have news for you. You don't choose the parents you get. You might move out of their house one day, but you can never really totally get away from them, nor from the influence they've had on you and it is useless to try to do so.