Thursday, November 23, 2006

My take on Environmental Issues...

... probably not a very popular take... but whatever...

Since the dawn of creation creatures have come and gone, some go extinct, and others replace them right? And all of this has been going on with, except for very recently, little or no influence on the part of mankind. So has climatic change. I don't think you can blame humans for the Ice Ages. We were pretty primitive back then.

So while I am all for using renewable ressources, reducing and re-using packaging, finding better solutions fuel-wise, recycling, composting and the like... (I do particiapte in as many of these activities as possible.) I also think that there is a tendancy to exagerate out there.

I'm talking about all the concern about climate change and how it is going to affect all the animals and everything. Save the whales, save the seals, save the polar bears... save.... whatever. Note that noone wants to save human beings. We'd rather go instinct ourselves. (Abortion, euthanasia, simply deciding to never have kids...) Noone seems to be worried about the poor mosquito population either. They have rights too you know.

Nature has proved itself time and time again capable of adjusting. (Excepting perhaps in cases such as ozone layers being depleted?) Animals are no different. They too have proven themselves quite capable of living beside or with humans, and adjusting to new places and climates. While, of course, there is need for some concern, I do not think that it is possible nor that it is even desirable to try to save all species. Some species will die out, and other new ones, will take their place. I am all for slowing this down, but please remember, extinction of species is a natural phenomena, and let's not try to stop it. Climatic change is also a natural thing, and while we may have had a lot to do with global warming, we didn't invent it, all we have done is speed it up.

So let's stop acting as if the extinction of species is a terrible thing and ought to be stopped. It can't be stopped. You cannot stop time, and you cannot stop the inevitable. Extinction of species will happen, and so will climactic change. That is the nature of our planet. Always has been and always will be. So let's be a little more realistic please.