Friday, November 10, 2006

Hummer feet

If my feet were cars, they would be hummers. Now, I can think of any number of cars that I would rather my feet be, and none of them ressemble hummers in any way. I don't especially like hummers. They're large and they're square.

See now? That's the problem with my feet. Maybe not so much square as large, but definitely not delicate. There is nothing more frustrating than visiting every single shoestore in town and not find anything you like in your size. In fact, a good number of stores don't even have anything for women in my size, let alone something I like.

Last time I went shoe hunting was two years ago, and I ended up in Montreal, after fruitlessly searching all day in St-Jean. Even my husband was amazed at the lack of anything nice in my size. (And he only accompanied me to Montreal, not to the stores in St-Jean.) If the holes growing in the soles of my shoes are any indication, I will soon be searching once again for shoes that look good, feel good, are the right size, and most important of all: do NOT make my feet look like hummers. It won't be this year. I hope it won't be next year either.