Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Having a sick baby really, really sucks

For the third time since fall started, I have had to deal with all (or almost all) the kids falling prey to bad colds. Of course, inevitably, the baby (in spite of still being breastfed) also falls sick.

It seems like every other week it's some new thing and my patience is starting to wear thin. Everytime he gets sick, he has a fever, gets all congested, can't breathe to nurse properly, which makes it all that much harder, especially when lying down, which makes nights really hard, because that's when I nurse him lying down. I basically spend half my night with this very restless baby crawling all over me, practically trying to get back into me. He'll finally fall asleep, only to wake a few hours later to do it all over again. He continually kicks me while nursing, latches on, latches off, latches on, latches off, turns over to hit his dad, (which dad really appreciates of course,... so then I have to try to keep him away form dad too). He whimpers, fusses, coughs in my face (like I want to be sick too) and generally makes nighttime very unpleasant. I know it can't be very pleasant for him, but does he have to make it so unpleasant for me? For nights on end? Because every time he gets sick, it isn't just one night, it's a whole week at least.

I do not remember the other kids being so bad. Perhaps because I wasn't co-sleeping. Also because I don't think any of them got sick so many times in a such a short time. This fall has been a really bad one.

So whoever is sending all these horrible colds (and the last one was a doozy, more than one of children had to stay home from school, Maryssa practically missed a whole week, she was really bad off) you can stop now. I've had enough. We've had enough. We've had our share, go somewhere else please AND LET ME SLEEP!! Because I'm tired of relying on coffee and migraine medication to make through my days. And I'm tired of spending my nights getting kicked, slapped and crawled on. Thank you very much.