Friday, October 06, 2006

What does a Stout Girl dream of?

  • Cool, low-heeled shoes that do not make your feet look like elephant feet.
  • Finding these shoes in sizes above size 10
  • Tall husbands with broader shoulders than your own (unfortunately, these ironically tend to end up with all the petite girls, leaving us with the medium-sized men, and in desperate search of low-heeled white satin shoes...)
  • A size 38+ bra in an A cup
  • Shirts that are neither too short in the waist, too short in the chest area, too tight in the shoulders, nor too short in the sleeves. (An empire waist that actually fits under the breasts, not across them)
  • Finding gloves that a) will not be too tight; and b) will be long enough that they will last all winter before your fingers start poking holes through the tips of them.
  • Pants that fit around the waist without being huge everywhere else (for those of us that have a comparatively wide waist for comparatively narrow hips, in other words, no hour-glass shape!)

Can you relate to any of these? You might just be a stout girl. (See definition of stout girl in the last paragraphs of the previous post) Think of anything else? Let me know.