Friday, October 06, 2006

Sleeman commercial

Sleeman has this new commercial in Quebec that I overheard the other day:

This guy walks into a pub/bar and meets up with some friends, who immediately ask him why he has two black eyes.

He explains that his girlfriend walked in on him while he was doing "overtime" at the office.

His friends all laugh and tell him they're in trouble with their girlfriends too and the best thing for a guy in trouble is a Sleeman beer.

Normally, I kind of like the Sleeman commercials, because there's always some humour in them, but this one I don't like at all. Call me a "stickler" but isn't that making light of a pretty serious offence? As a woman, I tend to sympathize more with the cheated on girlfriend than the guy with black eyes. So, we're just more disposable "fun" for them eh? There is no remorse whatsoever, more like a "who cares" attitude, practically promoting infidelity. How inspiring.