Thursday, October 05, 2006

The problem with clothes

I went yesterday to l'Équipeur (Mark's Work WearHouse in English) to buy me this coat:

The one on the left, obviously, that the woman in the picture is wearing. I received the above flyer yesterday morning, and really liked the coat (for the quality as well as the style) and it being on sale half-price and me having $10.00 off on top of it... I decided to go and check it out. (Since I need a proper winter coat anyway).

I tried the woman's large coat on, which fit, although it was a tad snug (especially with a sweater on underneath to boot), but the sleeves were definitely too short. So I ended up trying on the extra-large coat which fit better, in this colour:

I put it on this morning to drive Gabirel to pre-school, because it was a bit chilly out there, and I realized the sleeves were going about a quarter of the way up my arms, leaving my wrists and then some open to the air. Come winter, that was definitely going to be a problem, I wouldn't be able to do anything that required stretching my arms out in the snow. So I decided to take the coat back and see if the men's coats fit me better.

The men's coats fit me much better. In fact, did you know that I am a size SMALL? Yes, a SIZE SMALL men's. PETIT! PEQUENO! You get the picture. And not only that, the sleeves fit perfectly. I got a man's coat in these colours: (In size S.M.A.L.L.)

Now, the only thing that really bothers me is that I really liked the style and colour of the first coat, even though the cut is basically the same and the style and colours are very similar. The first coat just had that feminine touch that I soooo long for. I love the sporty feminine style. I just can't seem to find any clothes in that style (or any other feminie style) that actually fit ME right.

You know, the whole coat thing and the fact that this is not the first time I have had to dress in men's wear (have to do it for shoes too), doesn't do much to help me feel feminine. I mean I have next to no shape. Hourglass? Definitely not me. I have no more hips than a guy. I need clothes that tend to give the impression of there being a shape that is not there. I need feminine clothes to look feminine, otherwise I just look like a real tomboy. Some women look feminine in anything. Cut my hair short, and put me in a T-shrt and shorts and you can barely tell me apart from the guys. In fact, I have been mistaken for a guy a few times when I had short hair. It did not stay short for very long.

So I need the feminine clothes, but get this,... they don't make feminine clothes to fit ME. They make them for the short, small-boned girls but not for the big, tall girls like me. (And I'm not even that huge, believe me). Tops especially. I hate shopping for tops, they never fit right. In some shops, I can wear medium pants but would have to get an extra, extra large top to have it fit. (These are none-existant)

This is my pet peeve: there are no clothes out there that I like AND that I can wear. I know I could easily pass for a guy, so having to wear men's clothes on top of it is really depressing.

Now what we need to do is start a new clothing category, the opposite of "petite". Say... "grande"? And the clothes in this category would not be1x or 2x or 3x, or any other "plus size", they would be S M and L, only made for women with longer arms and legs, broader shoulders and larger thoracic cages. (As compared to "plus sizes" that are made for women who have slender shoulders, small thoracic cages and short limbs but who have a few pounds to loose. There IS a difference, however slight.)

I know some stores do have tall sizes, but they are few and far between and even then, there isn't that great of a choice.

I hereby officially open the club Stout Girls; "Strong enough to be a man, yet designed to be a woman". The club that promotes and defends the right of all big tall women to have access to nice feminine clothes.