Sunday, October 01, 2006

My story

In honour of the Big Blue Wave Pro-life Blogburst/Life Chain Sunday:

I have always been pro-life. Of course I was brought up pro-life, but also it just makes sense. Abortion does not. So when I got pregnant out of wedlock, I had two options:

1.) Face up to the fact and admit that I had done something wrong and now there was this new person to take care of. Tell everyone and face the disappointment of my parents.
2.) Suddenly move to a different city where I knew nobody, to continue my studies there, have the baby there, and give it up for adoption. Noone would have to know.

There was no other option. Abortion didn't even figure.

I couldn't give up my baby, so I chose option number one. And I have never, ever regretted that. Also, I had so much help from so many people along the way that I would never had experienced had this never happened. Where there is sin, grace abounds. This I learned first-hand.