Thursday, October 26, 2006

The MSM Shakedown Awards

If anyone is interested, pick any news story, and blog about it, showing how liberally biased it is, and you could win $500.00

For more info go here.

They use Israeli-Palestinian relations as an example, but since I'd probably be more on the liberal side of that one,... I think I'll stay away from that kind of thing. Apparently you don't have to be a social-conservative, you can be non social-conservative too, and God knows there is a lot of stuff, every day in the papers that is absolutely and without a doubt liberally biased, especially when it comes to abortion. Newspapers take it for granted that everyone (except a fanatic minority) accepts that women should have that choice, and not only that, but any other view on the subject is an endangerment of women's fundamental rights. It's like there IS no other point of view possible. Case closed. Something like rape is wrong. Everyone agrees, even if there are still perpetrators out there. Case closed. So I guess that makes us the perpetrators of injustice now eh?