Monday, October 30, 2006

Baking at my house:

Step one: Nurse baby to sleep.

Step two: Climb up on stool to get recipe book, gather ingredients and set oven to 350.

Step three: Get children a snack.

Step four: Start mixing.

Step five: Trip over dog.

Step six: Refrain from cussing.

Step seven: Blow someone's nose.

Step eight: Wash hands.

Step nine: Back to mixing

Step ten: Realize you have forgotten to mix in butter, melt it in microwave to make it easier to add to batter

Step eleven: Wipe someone's nose.

Step twelve: Wash hands again.

Step thirteen: Take butter out of microwave and add to batter.

Step fourteen: Realize that baby is crying. Go and get him.

Step fifteen: Put brownies in oven.

Step sixteen: Take baby away from trash can, pick up trash on floor.

Step seventeen: Nurse baby again.

Step eighteen: Blow someone's nose.

Step nineteen: Wash hands again.

Step twenty: Start getting pies ready.

Step twenty-one: Rush over to pull baby away from plants

Step twenty-two: Pick up dirt off floor, cut circle out of cardboard with hole in centre to go around plant, and keep baby out of dirt.

Step twenty-three: Wash hands.

Step twenty-four: Go back to mixing filling for pie.

Step twenty-five: Realize your brownies are about ready, rush to take them out.

Step twenty-six: Get baby out of trash can and pick up trash again.

Step twenty-seven: blow someone's nose.

Step twenty-eight: Wash hands again.

Step twenty-nine: Finish pie-filling, start rolling crust.

Step thirty: Take baby out of trash can and pick up trash again.

Step thirty-one: Continue rolling out crust and filling in pies.

Step thirty-two: Grab baby again, and finally put trash can behind closed door.

Step thirty-three: Put pies in oven.

Step thirty-four: Pick up baby off of stool where he has climbed up two steps and is now trying to fly like superman.

Step thirty-five: Fold up stool, and put it away like you should have done after you had finished using it.

Step thirty-six: Blow someone's nose.

Step thirty-seven: Wash hands.

Step thirty-eight: Cut up brownies and leave to cool.

Step thirty-nine: Remove baby from leg as you try to move over to the oven to check n progress of pies.

Step fourty: Accidentally trip over baby

Step fourty-one: Pick baby up off of floor and console him.

Step fourty-two: Finally take pies out of oven. Leave out to cool.

Step fourty-three: Put two older children down for much-needed nap, blowing noses, giving syrup, rubbing vapo-rub on them.

Step fourty-four: Welcome two oldest children home from school.

Step fourty-five: Grab baby from bathroom garbage this time.

Step fourty-six: Fix oldest children some special halloween decorated brownies.

Step fourty-seven: Sit down and nurse baby to sleep again.

Step fourty-eight: Pour self an extra-large helping of Tia Maria and milk.