Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bogspot-Haven for Pedophiles...

Just received a message from some concerned fellow-bloggers about a whole list of pedophile bloggers blogging out there in defense and support of pedophilia.

Just you wait, in 50 years, these won't be minority underground defenders of the right to be a pedophile (and how natural and good it is, blah blah blah, to be a pedophile...) If this keeps up, as long as everyone concerned (child included) is "consenting" this will become a perfectly normal, acceptable life-style and anyone who says otherwise, will be treated as a pedo-phobe and be accused of promoting hate towards pedophiles.

All of these self-proclaimed pedophiles insist that they are harming noone, that they do not molest children, that as long as the child is not forced to do anything he doesn't want to, there is no harm. You know, I have nothing against finding children beautiful, (don't we all?) but to be sexually attracted to them? That's a whole other matter. Children are not ready for sex at that age, not physically, not mentally. Not to mention immorality issues...

Kind of like these days, where society is really concerned about homophobia. Like on the radio this morning, they were talking about this new program, especially for High Schools, called Homophobia, not in my backyard.

Well, excuse me, but pro-homosexuality, not in my backyard either. 50 years ago, homosexuality was still a devient sexual behaviour, people were still allowed to try and help homosexuals get over it. Alas, now, even if you don't want to be homosexual, and you want help overcoming it, noone will help you anymore, they'll just tell you to accept it.

It is one thing to promote tolerance and to talk about treating people with respect, and quite another to say in the same breath that this kind of lifestyle is totally normal and totally respectful and if you say otherwise, you are a homophobe. Uh, I believe that we should not pick on prostitutes either, but to go from there to telling kids in schools that it is a perfectly normal and acceptable lifestyle? Now they can go and tell kids that homosexuality is normal and good, and that if their parents say otherwise, they are homophobes.

In 50 years, we'll become pedo-phobes for saying that pedophiles need help. Where will this craziness end? Why do I bother having kids and putting them into a world like this?

Oh wait, because in 100 years, all the Catholics/pro-life other people who have been having a bunch of kids will have finally taken over the world, due to the fact that there are only pro-life people left, since everyone else will either not be having kids, accidentally having kids with their half-siblings, (thanks to sperm-banks, women can have kids without a partner, but the same man could be the "father" to a whole bunch of different people without them knowing it... and these people could easily meet, fall in love and... oups!) or killing the kids they didn't want to have. Culture of death eh?