Thursday, August 31, 2006

Summer days go by...

We went apple picking today, Gabriel, Nicky and I, with Jo and his mother. Gabriel and Jo ran all over the place, pulled apples off the trees, sometimes pulling the twigs with them, and ate a bunch too. We mothers walked calmly through the trees, pulling off the biggest, reddest ones, to make up for the small green ones that were often being put in by the younger pair. We enjoyed ourselves.

Summer is coming to an end. The oldest children are back in school, Gabriel will be starting pre-school next week, the hectic summer soccer season is coming to an end, and I can finally start to relax... NO MORE SOCCER UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER/EARLY OCTOBER!!!! Halleluia! I'm a bit sad, as I always am, to see my children traipsing back off to school, but getting all the new school supplies ready is always kind of exciting. For some strange reason, I like pens and crayons and markers and all that stuff, I could browse places like Staples/Bureau en Gros for hours no problem...

But autumn has it's charms as well, apple picking, and then HALLOWEEN. Have I ever mentioned that I love Halloween? Halloween is that one dy out of the year when I can become a little kid again, put on a costume and pretend to be someone or something that I am not. I love Halloween.

Nicky is growing fast. Already almost nine months old. He pulls himself up on furniture, hanging on to our legs, digging into our skin (OW!!) and even pulling up on Toby (the dog)'s hair. Poor Toby. He doesn't like that one bit. Whenever he sees Nicolas come crawling, he mutters curses under his breath, gets up in a hurry and stalks away to some other corner. Then Nicolas comes crawling towards him again, and the whole scene is repeated. Poor dog.

Nicky makes beautiful eyes at us now. He grins an extra-wide two teethed grin at us, scrunches up his little nose and closes his eyes. Then he laughs and does it again. He knows he's the centre of attention. He knows we all think he's so cute. Jo's Dad got a picture of him doing that today. I'll have to see if I can get a copy. I remember someone not being so enthousiastic about another child coming. For whatever reason... (me) but I also knew I'd love him anyway. And how! What would I do without my little Nicky-pants to brighten up my whole day with one of those silly grins?!!