Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Peace Propaganda and the Promised Land

And now I am going to do an about face and go liberal on you all...

This is all about the Public Relations Campaign between Israel and (especially) the American Media. Where most mainstream american media neglects to mention that Israel is oppressing palestinians and that palestinians are being occupied. They are live in violence and repression every day. They are desperate. Ambulances are blocked, homes destroyed with people still inside, civilians used as human shields for the israeli army. They are often forced to stay inside all day, children cannot go to school, adults cannot go to work. Amnesty international has documented many human rights abuses. But we do not see this in American media. The fact that there is an occupation going on is left out. All we see are the terrorist attacks on israelis by palestinians without the context. It looks like terrorism for no reason. Most Americans have NO IDEA of the sufferings palestinians go through. No idea of the desperation. Without the background context of the occupation, the violence makes no sense. And in fact, it is covered as if Israel is under attack, and the "authorities" are taking measures. But it is not self-defense, they are in someone else's country, maintaining thousands of troups there, for the sole purpose of taking their land. It's a whole Public Relations campaign to make us forget that it was ever someone else's land. To the Nazis, the French Resistence was a terrorist group. This is the same thing. There is no such thing as "self-defense" when you are in someone else's country. If they would just get out, they would no longer have problems.

Not only that, you get to see the suffering of the Israelis, you get to know their names, who they were. But when they talk about the palestinian dead, they use cold clinical language.

Listen to the American news and British/Canadian/French news and you would not imagine that they are covering the same stories sometimes.

This video is long but worth it. What I like about it, is that it is not anti-jew, in fact some of their sources are actually jews.,+Propa

On the other hand, the impression some people get from news elsewhere, is that all israelis are the same and that jews deserved what they got during the holocaust. I think that is despicable. Noone deserves that, and not all israelis are for the occupation. That is like saying all germans were/are Nazis. That is ridiculous.

Oh, and I totally understand why jews and Christians would easilygo with this. When you read the Bible every day, you just kind of tend to think of the promised land as being Israel. You think it belongs to them. But it hadn't, not for centuries. Israel didn't even exist for a very long time. It was recreated only just over half a century ago. Them trying to take all the land back would be kind of like if all of a sudden all the first nations people in Canada and the US decided to suddenly take their land back in the same way. I'll bet all the other people who have been living in North America, some of them whose families have been here for 400 years almost, wouldn't agree so much with that.