Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My heart will not stand much more of this...

We went to some friends' house yesterday to swim in their pool. It suddenly started to rain with thunder and lightening, so we rushed to bring all the towels and everything in the house so they wouldn't get all wet. Once everything was in, I closed the gate to the pool, not seeing anyone in it, and went inside myself.

After awhile, my friend wondered where Jean-Alexandre was. I looked around, didn't see him, then saw the door to the bathroom was closed, so I said "Probably in the bathroom." and we didn't think about it until about 5-10 minutes later, when he still hadn't come out. Then I noticed that the door to the bathroom was not actually closed, but slightly ajar, and there was no light in it. So, really curious now, as to where he was, and if he had gone home alone or (horrible thought) had hit his head in the pool and was still in there... I got up, and went outside.

I still could not see anyone in the pool, but went closer for a better look. That is when I saw Jean-Alexandre slowly gliding, motionless in the bottom of the pool.

My first thought was "It's too late!" It had probably been 5 or 10 minutes by now, but I knew I had to get him out of there anyway. I fumbled with the gate to get it open, stubbing my toe in the process and was about to shve through it and jump in the pool, when suddenly Jean-Alexandre kicked out to move forward again.

My heart returned to it's regular place and I waited for Jean-Alexandre to surface. He had been swimming all this time in the pool, mostly underwater, and hiding behind a big blown-up whale. Which is why we never noticed someone was still in the pool!