Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

It is sooo hot and humid here, we are living in our basement and the swimming pool.

Except when we have to brave the hot humid air to get to a soccer match or practice.

Not much work is getting done around here.

I need to kick my sorry @ss and go get some of that painting/organizing done in the familyroom/boys' room. Of course I'm still recovering from all that running around/stress/work I was doing week before last, before the baptism. But I should be recovered by now right? I'm just getting old and it is taking longer to recover. Of course the hot humid weather isn't helping. And Nicolas keeping me up half the night, night before last set me back a bit... But you know, you are getting old when you keep thinking: "Oh how nice it would be to go take a dip in the pool right now." but it's too much trouble to get everyone in swimsuits, spread sunscreen all over all the bodies and get in. It's actually more stress than pleasure for me. Were I alone, I might use the pool a lot more. Now I have to force myself to go, because otherwise my kids can't go, and really, what is the point in having a pool on a hot, sunny day if your parents' are too dang lazy to let you get in, right?