Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Of babies

I have learned a lot about attachment parenting, breastfeeding and giving birth in the past three years, over the internet, chatting with other mothers and looking up different websites. So much, in fact, that I sometimes wished that I could have a fifth child, just so I could experiment new things, even though we weren't trying for another child.

God works in mysterious ways, and he decided he was going to help me get pregnant, because I did, even though we weren't trying for another. Although I was not overjoyed about it at first, part of me thought, "Now I'll get that chance I wanted to try new things."

Having Nicolas and having him at home was wonderful. It is so much more pleasant to have one's child at home. I also decided to co-sleep, which makes feeding at night much easier. I have held him a lot and use a sling. Also, having gone through the whole process 4 times before, I knew ahead of time how things would go. I knew that after a month, things would get a bit easier. I knew that after three months, they would get easier still, and that at 6 months, it is even easier. I have enjoyed the early months with Nicolas much more than the early months with the others, except maybe Jean-Alexandre who was a very easy baby. So much, in fact, that I could definitely see myself having more children.

In fact, since taking workshops on breastfeeding, I have learned so much more new stuff about babies and how they work, that I'd love to have another one, just to experiment more!!! Ahhh, but then we'd need another van,...