Friday, May 05, 2006

Mothers aren't perfect

Sometimes I feel like a horrible mother.

Like yesterday for instance. I ordered a book about the real-life experience of a modern-day slave in Soudan. (The story of Mende Nazer - titled Slave) I have been aware of the civil war and slavery in Sudan for some time now, since reading an article in the Revue de la Sociétét des Missions-Étrangères. This is a subject that interests me and I have signed numerous petitions through IAbolish to try to make changes. The problem with reading a book is, half-way through, I usually get so involved wth it, that I have a hard time putting it down. So last evening I wasn't the most attentive, organized person.

But that's not the worst. I have a temper. And when I am about to be late for something, and am trying to rush out the door as quickly as possible because I happen to know that crossing the bridge is going to be really slow, since the other one has been closed for cleaning and this one has been reduced to one lane both ways for repairs, the last thing I need to discover at that moment is that TWO of my children have messed their pants!! This put me behind 20 minutes. I was NOT happy. And it went downhill after that.

Sometimes Maryssa gets on my nerves with being so whiny and demanding and rude. But then I'm not teaching her anything by yelling at her either, am I? Sometimes I notice I am just NOT nice to her either. Such a horrible mother.