Monday, May 29, 2006

A day in the life of Jeanne

I woke up this morning at 6:30, after having gone to bed late last night because we were gone to Quebec on the weekend, and after having had only 2 hours of sleep the night before,... got up, got the kids out of bed, (literally had to drag them out of bed, since they all went to bed late both nights too) got everyone ready for school, herded the older ones out the door, grabbed the two youngest and everything they and I needed for the day, and went out the door. I dropped Gabriel off at a daycare, and I went and assisted in a workshop on breastfeeding with Nicolas all day, from 8:30 to 3:30, in Longueuil about a 45 minute drive from here. (Very interesting workshop by the way, I'll have to post some stuff from that some other time.)

That was probably the most relaxing time I had all day, because I had to leave, drive home in traffic, try to get to the school for 4:30 because I had to pick up Dominic, who'd been away all day with his class in Montreal doing sports, and had come in late. Then I had to rush over to get Gabriel, but the old bridge must have been broken because the new one had way more traffic than usual, and it took a long time to get across. I finally got home at 5:00, right when Dominic was supposed to be at soccer practice. I run around, trying to get Jean-Alexandre and Dominic into soccer stuff, making sandwiches, getting the others into the car, and am ready to leave, but Dominic STILL doesn't have his soccer stuff. I have to go and help him. We finally get there, 45 minutes late, he still has 45 minutes left. I rush off to drive Jean-ALexandre to his practice which starts at 6:30. (it is 5:50 by this time) I decide to take a different route to see how fast it is, since the bridge I usually take is blocked. I miss the exit, and have to turn around. I finally get there at 6:20.

I get back to the stadium to pick up Dominic at 6:40. (His practice ended at 6:30.) I decide to go the normal route and pass by the house, but Dominic really needs to go to the bathroom, so I have to rush to the nearest gas station. We get there, and rush in, get the key, go outside, find out there is no toilet paper, the owner has to get some... Finally, everyone gets to the bathroom and we head for home. I get everyone into pyjamas, call Marc, find out he doesn't know when he's coming home, so there's no hope of leaving him to put the kids to bed early. Leave with the whole bunch to pick up Jean-Alexandre at 8:00.

We pick up Jean-ALexandre, have to stop for gas because the tank is almost empty, and rush home where I herd everyone off to sleep, (where naturally, noone wants to go.) With much complaining, and a lot of "NO!"'s on my part, the three youngest are finally in bed, and I can relax right? No, the house is a mess, I still haven't finished unpacking from yesterday, and there is a bunch of stuff in the car to be unloaded. Oh, and did I mention, I had to practice spelling with Dominic before putting him to bed too?

The car has been unloaded, but I still have a lot of cleaning and putting away to do as I type this. Nicolas is about ready for sleep. I would like to go to bed myself, but I have Jean-ALexandre to put to bed and some minimum cleaning to do.

And this is just a typical day in my life. Some days are a bit less "exciting" but most are pretty much exactly like this. Crazy , crazy, crazy.