Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Conservative? Who, me?

Ok, I have had it with conservatives (maybe I should specify here: American conservatives), treating illegal immigrants as if they were criminals or something. I guess it's not a problem we Canadians have to deal with, since we aren't right next to a country that people are desperate to leave, so maybe I just don't understand the situation, but still...

I understand the situation of those trying to leave. And if those who now treat these people as if they were criminals lived in the same situation, they'd be desperate to leave too.

They might be illegal, but they are not criminals. Is it a crime to try to escape poverty? Is it a crime to want to escape violence, terrorism, injustice and exploitation? Is it a crime to wish for a better life?

There are surely better solutions to the whole problem than just patrolling the borders and limiting immigration even more. For one, we could be pressuring our governments to pressure their governments to make life better for their people, instead of aiding them. We could certainly lose the School of the Americas, we could also make laws on how big corporations do business in other countries. We could encourage governments to put their own people first, in front of big business. Just to name a few possibilities. The ignorant assumption that these people are criminals and that we have nothing to do with their problems, is a big part of the problem.

But hey! Don't worry, it's never too late to change! I recommend at least a month's stay in one of those countries you're sick of seeing people try to immigrate from. You might be a tad bit more receptive of them and sympathetic towards them afterwards.