Thursday, March 02, 2006

Saint John Bosco

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Saint John Bosco. When I was little his story was one of my favourite stories of lives of the saints. When I went to Paraguay in 1993 with Agapê-Mission, I just happened to opt for volunteering with a home for street kids, run by (who else but) Salesians. That kind of did it for me. That's when he really began to stand out among other saints in my mind. Not that he was better than them, just that his life seemed to speak more to me as a person than some of the others. I felt that he could have been a friend. The more I read up on him, the more I found him interesting. (And I haven't even done much reading up on him in past years, I think it is high time I did some more reading.) My oldest son is named for him. I just received the Mothering with Grace E-zine (for which you can sign up here.) And in it was a link to something written by Saint John Bosco on gentle parenting. (Non-violent). I have to say, that soft spot in my heart has grown even softer...

Letter from Saint John Bosco