Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pinata time again

March 30th is Maryssa's birthday, and I am now in the middle of making yet another pinata, a horse this time.

You can see other pinatas that I have made here and here.

And here is the last one I made, (for Gabriel in October) which is not on the list:

When I started making pinatas for birthdays, I only had two children. Now I have five. And two of them have birthdays about a month apart, and the other three are also spaced out about a month. Which means that at least twice in a year, there is a pinata/birthday party rush, no sooner is one done than the next one is to be started... Well, I can't say I've had the three in a row rush yet, since Nicolas was just born, and I probably won't make him a pinata this year either, he's too young (and I'm too tired/lazy), but two in a row is work, and I've got 5 kids to take care of while I try to plan these things. So it's one of those things, that once I've started it, I love it, but it takes so much energy that I dread starting. (Typical artistic personality, if you are artisitic, you know what it is...) No wonder I never paint anymore.