Monday, March 20, 2006

The boys' room is close to being completed

When we first moved here from Prince George, the poor boys had to sleep outside, there was so much stuff in the place that was to be their room. (I say poor boys, but they probably thought it was fun.) Eventually, we unpacked anough stuff (I unpacked enough stuff) so that they could actually get to their bed and sleep in it. Since then, stuff has been slowly leaving their room and been put elsewhere. (A lot of it is now in boxes on Marc's side of the room, waiting for him to deal with it... among others, some still unopened mail from over 10 years ago!!!) Now, there is nothing in their room that isn't theirs... well except for all the tools and paint and wood scraps and... you get the picture, not much of a room yet, but the walls are up, the electricity is done, and all that is needed are a few more touchups of plaster, a coat of primer and some paint. Oh, and curtains and all the rest of the decoration stuff.

I have to congratulate Marc for a great job. He had to tear down the half-wall that was there, put in a closet and put up a whole new wall with door. The closet has lots of space and shelves on either end, and he is even putting shelves on the outside end of the closet, (otherwise it would just have been wasted space between the closet and the door). It is going to look great when it is done. (And the decorating talents of yours truly have come into play.) But of course decorating talents are worth nothing is what is underneath is crap, which it is not. Way to go Marc!

I am definitely looking forward to that being done, because a lot of the mess in the playroom will also be taken care of. Books can be put back on bookshelves, and the new wall painted,... etc. In fact I think we'll just have to re-paint the whole thing again.

Now that I have finished talking about it, I must go and finish painting the closet in the boys' room so we can finally use it. (And get their clothes out of Gabriel's miniature closet). Ta, ta, see you later, hasta la vista...