Friday, February 10, 2006

Pre-spring cleaning

The rod upon which we hang half our clothes in our (Marc and my) closet is sagging in the middle because with the weight of all these clothes, one of the screws holding the middle support came loose and the support itself just straightened out until it is no longer supporting the rod at all. Something that can be easily fixed by screwing it back in again. But of course the clothes have to come off the rod first so we can lift it back up to where it is supposed to be. Since we're taking clothes of the rod, we might as well throw the ones we haven't put on in the last 3-5 years right? The ones I'll probably never put on again, unless I am really depressed, because they do absolutely NOTHING for my figure, look really frumpy, or I hate the pattern,... or whatever. I filled up two black garbage bags full of clothes to take to charity. That's two-thirds of my closet. Yes people, two-thirds of the clothes on my side of the closet were in there just taking up space, because I wasn't wearing them anyway...

Now, wouldn't it be nice if my hoard everything, never throw a thing out husband could do the same? HE has clothes in HIS part of the closet (and elsewhere) that he hasn't worn in almost TWENTY years (when he was still in his early twenties), that don't fit him, and that, even if they DID fit him, he probably STILL wouldn't want to wear. But he still keeps them, still lugs them around from apartment to apartment, house to house... If they mean so much to him, why doesn't he just get them framed and hang them up on the walls?

I keep threatening to go throught the children's toys and do the same, but I have a hard time following through. (Marc protests more than the children, plus half-way through, I get lazy.) But this house would look a LOT better with less stuff in it. I learned that when we were selling the house in Prince George. We packed up a bunch of stuff we didn't need into boxes and stored them in the garage and shed. My house was immaculate from November to April (when we finally sold). IMMACULATE I tell you. Since then, I have been trying (with much resistance from the part of YKW) to recreate this semblance of cleanliness and order, without much success. I mean, there is only so much I can get rid of that is mine. It only takes away a small percentage of the useless stuff lying around.

(I wonder if he'll notice if I start inconspicuously throwing out certain things here and there,... you know, the stuff he's forgotten he even had... It sure is tempting. Bad! Jeanne, Bad! Bad! Bad!)