Saturday, February 25, 2006

Phase III - Progress

I discovered that the scale I was using was actually off about 5-10 pounds. Which means I wasn't 15 pounds overweight, I was 2o - 25 pounds overweight. That means that at the doctor's office, when I thought I saw 180 lbs, it was probably 180 lbs. Good news is, I probably went down to 175 pounds pretty quickly, but thought I was bouncing between 165 and 170. My sister gave me her scale since she never uses it, and I weighed in at 175 at her place but the next day I was at 170 lbs at my place (and 165 on the scale that doesn't work) so I threw the old one out.

Anyway, at the doctor's office, I was 180 lbs at one month post-partum. I could just do up my belt to the first hole. By that time, my uterus was pretty much contracted, so the rest was just fat. We are almost 3 months post-partum and on this new scale I am at 170 lbs and today I did my belt up to the third hole. So I've lost about two inches around the waist, and apparently 10 lbs on the scale.

Bottom line, I still have 15 lbs to lose. (And hopefully two more inches) But that's okay, I'm getting there, and at this rate, (with any luck) it shouldn't take too long.

I might just have to add a phase 5 to my make-over. I might actually get my teeth straightened. My two front teeth are especially worn, they (and the gum line) would need to be lifted higher, and the 6 front teeth on both the upper and lower gums would need to be pushed outward just a little for less crowding and to straighten the upper ones out. I would then need to have the worn part of my two upper front teeth replaced (filled in). Not sure as to whether this will actually happen or not. I think the kids need it more than I do. Both Dominic and Jean-Alexandre (especially Dominic) are heading towards having a bite that is crooked, off to the side. Mine is straight at least. My back teeth all line up properly. I am also not sure as to money for this. I mean, we don't have money for travelling and stuff, but this is all going to cost a good trip overseas each. Also, I kind of feel like my crooked teeth are part of me. It's who I am. They could be uglier. They don't really bother me. It's like, if I change that, will I still be me? Silly, I know... but when one has had them for so long,... one gets used to them.