Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Nicolas is two months old now, and what a sweetheart! I am enjoying him so much. When he cries, I pick him up and he stops right away. This is not a sign of a spoiled baby. This, folks, is the sign of a baby who knows that Mommy will tend to his needs and he doesn't need to cry anymore because Mommy is there. He gets excited now when I put him in that position which means he is going to get something to drink. His breathing gets quicker and he waits eagerly for the shirt to lift so he can get his milk. That is so cute. The children love him to pieces. Even Toby wants to play with him. Toby (the dog) keeps putting his toys on Nicolas's lap when Nicolas is sitting in his little seat. Silly Toby.

Well, I think I have done enough writing today. I left Nicolas upstairs to do the male bonding thing with Marc, so now I think I will go and see how they are doing, and maybe have some of that porto with my husband?