Friday, February 10, 2006

Just take everything as a complement...

Marc: (in slightly surprised tone) What did you do to your hair?!
Me: (laughing while putting groceries away) I got it cut two days ago.
Marc: (now on the defensive) Well, I got in really late two days ago and I went straight to bed after coming home yesterday.
Me: (still laughing at him) You saw me in the mornings, and besides yesterday you were with me watching Jean-Alexandre play soccer before coming home.
Marc: (still on the defensive) Well, what did you expect me to be looking at at soccer?!
Me: (still half-joking and now indicating the groceries to be put away) So, are these going to put themselves away, just like that?

For the next 5-10 minutes I get the cold shoulder. Oops I guess I shouldn't have asked him to help out in quite that manner. Not to mention I made pizza for the kids but there's none for him, just that leftover horrible meat that's kind of tough and full of fat and that I really regret having bought, with a bit of rice. I suddenly wonder if, with all that, he actually liked my hair or not. I'm not quite sure. I decide to ask him later, once he's not mad anymore.


Me: (starting to get impatient) How come you're so mad anyway? Is it because all the pizza was eaten? I didn't have any either, not much anyway.
Marc: (pouting) No. I give you a compliment and all you can do is criticize me...
Me: (in shock, jaw hanging) Whaaaa?!!!
Marc: (In high-pitched, tinny voice) "I got my hair cut two days ago, you didn't even notice, nah, nah, nah etc,..."
Me: (after gently replacing my jaw to normal position, in slightly higher-pitched voice than usual) That was a complement?!! (in shocked voice) "What did you do to your hair?"
Marc: (Sarcastic) Oh, yeah, I said it like that! (Hmmm, okay so I did exagerate just a little the surprise in the voice, but there had been some surprise in his voice,...)
Me: I didn't even know if you liked it or not! (Now I'm getting the brick wall, he's tuning me out.) That was not a complement. That was a question. A question isn't a compliment. (I'm getting nowhere fast. I give up)

So, now my advice to you world, is take absolutely everything as a complement. Even when it doesn't sound like it, heck even when it isn't one. We'll all be feeling good about ourselves.

And if you're a movie producer,... you've just found yourself the perfect scenario for your next romantic comedy in which awkward guy meets gorgeous girl (yes I am all that), tries to complement her, and gets it out all wrong.