Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Guys you want to avoid...

Gypsy Queen, where do you come up with these guys anyway?

Poor Gypsy Queen came visiting recently and told me of her most recent encounter with the species known as hominus malus. Gypsy Queen has been renting a villa, which she no longer desires to rent. So it was up for lease by the owner. A couple came calling the other day, to visit the villa, and have decided to rent it. The husband came back a few days later for some technical reason, and Gypsy Queen and he got to talking. They were apparently having a good conversation, when the husband started complaining about the mentality in this place, how friends couldn't "love" each other and whatnot. Gypsy Queen could see where this was going, and wasn't very surprised when the husband proposed.

His proposition was that since Gypsy Queen and he were now friends, she should sacrifice herself so they could have sex together. Gypsy Queen had a different proposition. He could open the door and leave. That woman he was with? Wasn't
his girlfriend.

This is not the first time Gypsy Queen has run into males afflicted with this kind of logics deficiency. So we are wondering if she has become a magnet, pulling them in. It seems it is time for her to move, and find different circles, where humans of the opposite gender have some class and respect. I am hoping that the city where she has leased a different villa will treat her better. (Especially the male part of it.)