Monday, February 27, 2006

A cold afternoon

It's been really cold this past week, which is great for rinks and stuff. Today we all went out, and I finished clearing the snow off the pond (Jean-Alexandre had started it last night). We didn't go skating, (I didn't feel like going back in, getting out the skates and trooping back out again...) but maybe we'll go tommorrow. I'd like to take them to the canal too maybe, to go skating. It's pretty cold, but when you make sure you dress warmly, then it isn't so bad. I had TWO coats on today, plus a sweater and I was just fine. My coats aren't really winter coats, they're more like spring/fall coats. So they're just no good in any weather below zero. I always wear a sweater underneath, and today I just added the second coat.

The pictures on the left are of the kids skating on the pond a few weeks ago, in early February. We were actually out there skating for over an hour. It was great exercise, even for me. Even Gabriel has skates, those little bob-skates that you tie onto the bottoms of your boots, the ones with two blades.