Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Enjoying Nicolas

The children are back to school since yesterday. That means I have less supervising to do (at least for most of the day). No more fighting to resolve,... however that doesn't mean I have a lot more time to do stuff in. Right now, I'm here, typing with both hands since Nicolas is asleep, but most of the time these days, I sit down here while he is nursing, which means I only have one hand, and therefore do not write much. When he isn't nursing, I have been busy elsewhere trying to get stuff done. It took me almost 2 hours to take down the Christmas decorations yesterday, it shouldn't have taken more than a half-hour normally. I kept getting interupted, and Nicolas wanted to drink all the time.

I take back what I said about newborns not being all that cute (just after Christmas). I must have been pretty tired. Nicolas is cute. Of course he'll be even cuter later on, but in a different way he is cute now. Maybe sweet is a better word? I'm still tired, and this co-sleeping thing isn't working out so well. I keep trying new things, sleeping alone on the sofa-bed wasn't so bad, except it's a bit cold downstairs, and the sofa-bed is really not the most comfortable thing in the world. I tried putting him in the playpen beside my bed to sleep, but then I have to reach down so far to get him, I'm afraid I'll put my back out again (like with Maryssa). (Oops back to one hand again, Nicolas just woke up.) I did that twice. I could really use one of those bassinets...

All in all, I think I am enjoying this stage more with Nicolas than with any of the others (except Jean-Alexandre who was always an easy baby). Maybe because I'm more patient now, I know what to expect, and because I'm not looking at it as a time to just get through, but as a time to enjoy. I don't mind the demands so much any more. I think I realize more just how much a tiny baby needs his mommy. Poor Dominic, I regret not having held him more. He needed me so much, and I just wanted to have a break once in awhile. I wish I had known about slings then, and the advantages of them. I had a baby carrier of course, but always found that rather bulky and hard to do chores with. Of course, it isn't much easier to do chores with a baby in sling in front of you either, but somehow, I get by better... I really enjoy having Nicolas with me.