Sunday, December 04, 2005

Second Sunday of Advent

Today is the second Sunday of Advent. It is also December 4, the Eve of St-Nicholas's Feastday. Tonight, my children will be leaving carrots out for St. Nicholas's horse and in the morning they should find some gold coins... (chocolate gold-foil covered coins).

I have to get out the story of St. Nicholas again, and read it to them.

I have decided with Gabriel what we are going to make for him to put in the stockings for everyone. I can't say here what that might be, because Auntie Rose Anne might see it and we wouldn't want her to know what he's putting in her stocking now would we? Auntie Rose Anne will be spending Christmas with us. (Yay!)

Maryssa has already done something, and Jean-Alexandre knows what he's doing, so now, I just have to find something to do with Dominic.

I am starting to get nervous/excited about giving birth. I've never done this at home before, so I am wondering how much better it will be, and hoping/expecting that it will be better than doing so in a hospital. I'm due in about a week. So it's getting close! I am so huge I can barely tie up my own boots anymore. Of course, the fact that when I bend over, the skin on one side of my belly really hurts (like it was being pulled apart or something) doesn't help either. I am looking forward to not being pregnant anymore, even though I am not looking forward to labour! Could we just skip over that part please?! I saw the mid-wife last Tuesday evening and she said I was dilated to one centimeter and that my cervix was about 60% effaced. The Thursday and Friday before that, I had noticed alot of small contractions and mestruation-like cramps, so I was not surprised that some work had already been done.

Marc has been busy fixing the boys' room. We have a skeleton wall up between their room and the family room now. And the door is in, and it can be closed and locked now. The electrician has been here, re-doing wiring, and adding some outlets and things. He's not quite done yet. I would help him with some of the stuff, but I'm so pregnant, I just can't bend over and get into places anymore.

Edited to add:

Oops, actually it turns out the Dec. 6th is the feastday of St. Nicolas and not Dec. 5th, but oh well... Next year we will get it right. I get mixed up with that because my Dutch friends celebrate it on the 5th.