Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nicolas Raphaël Baril

Bob now has a name. Jean-Alexandre, Marc and I sat down together and debated about the issue and came up with the winning name: Nicolas Raphaël. Nicolas because Marc and I both like that name AND because he was born on the feastday of St. Nicholas. Raphaël because Jean-Alexandre really wanted to call him that and it was also one of Marc's favourites.

The name Bob has stuck however. Jean-Alexandre still affectionately calls him Bob, and even I think of him sometimes as Bob. In fact, sometimes I have a hard time to come up with his real name, as Gabriel, Raphaël, Bob or even the dog's name; Toby come into my head first!!!

So, it's another name that works really well in both French and English, and consequently, also in Spanish. Jean-Alexandre is the only one with a name that only works well in French. But when I had him, I hadn't envisioned ever leaving Québec to live elsewhere.