Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I went past the monkeys the other day and decided to explore a bit up above where the cliffs start to form again. I was walking through the trees, and suddenly came to where there was a circle of bare earth under the trees. It must have been a meter and a half in diameter or so, and no vegetation grew in it at all.

I thought that was a little strange and walked around the circle a bit and then stepped into it. I looked up through the tops of the trees at the blue sky overhead. Birds sang, insects hummed, a butterfly fluttered past. I stepped out of the circle and suddenly, I was no longer on my island.

Like a ghost stepping through a wall, in an instant I found myself in the presence of a black and white, two-dimensional stick man.

Stick-Paul comes from a two-dimensional universe and has been visiting our three-dimensional universe. Stick-Paul is a poet who has a way with words I can only envy and not hope to emulate. His manager is somewhat aloof, but actually quite sympathetic.

I realized that the circle of barren earth on my island must be a
portal to Stick-Paul's universe. After reading a bit of Stick-Paul's poetry and something on travel between universes of different dimensions, I was pulled back through the portal onto my own island. This particular portal seems to have a time limit. I believe I shall go through again, some other time and visit some more.