Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pregnancy update 2

Went to see the gynecologist this morning and the blood tests I took last week had come back. Everything was fine except that one indicated my thyroid gland was functioning a little off. So she prescribed medication to keep it under control. I would have prefered to just eat kelp or something instead, but even the health food lady prefered me to go with the gynecologist since I was pregnant. So starting tommorrow morning, I have one pill a day to eat.

Now that I think of it, I DO have a sore throat, although I had thought that it was just due to the slight cold I had a couple of weeks ago. The lady at the health food store also asked me if I had been more tired than usual and I said yes. In the last week, when evening comes around, I am QUITE ready to go to bed. Apparently this is another symptom. I didn't know.

I also LOST a few grams since last week, which surprised me, because at about this time one gains a lot more quickly than at the beginning of a pregnancy, (about a pound a week). But I didn't lose enough to be worried about it.

Other than that, everything is just fine. The baby's heart is beating well. She did a streptocoli-something sample, to test for that, and did the gynecological examination, the cervix is still well-closed apparently. (Which should be a good indication that I'm not exactly ready to give birth anytime soon). I can feel the baby pushing down on that now from time to time, and his/her head is definitely right there in position, so I expect some effacement of the cervix to happen in the coming weeks.

Marc should have some news of insurance soon, so we'll be able to see if it covers the midwife/naturopath's services. I am praying that it does. This whole clinic of gynecologists and obstetricians doesn't seem very open to letting things go too naturally. Ahhh, the religion of medicine. Which reminds me of something else I want to post about. Which I will do in the next (above) post.