Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's the First week of Advent!!!

Are you ready for Advent?!!!

This is our Advent wreath. (With one candle burning, you see?) I have also decorated the entrance with (fake) evergreen boughs (twisted around the bannister of the stairs) and pink and purple ribbons. The wreath has some extra "greenery" stuck into it, (with the silver tips) which makes it look even nicer, so I want to go and get something from the dollar store maybe to put in the entranceway too. The only flower/greenery stuff I have is really christmassy with a lot of red in it. I want to try to stay away from red as much as possible until Christmas. We have our manger scene set up on the piano as well (minus baby Jesus of course).
Our stockings have been hung by the fire to be filled up during the whole time of advent. I want to try to do some more crafts with the kids than I have in the past, so they can fill up each others' stockings. I wonder what kind of easy craft I could do with Gabriel? He's only three.