Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I was quite busy yesterday. I hadn't put up any decorations at all, (even though originally I had planned to put some up a few weeks in advance, in hopes of attracting little goblins) so I was left running around trying to find pumpkins (there were apparently none left!) and some extension cords to light orange lights in the back near the park. I wanted people in the residential area, (anyone that might be walking about) behind us to see that they could cross the park and come through the gate to our house. (We are not actually on any of the streets in that residential area, instead we are on a secondary route, so while we are close, we are not necessarily in the neighbourhood.) Anyway, it was all in vain, because I had to leave to pick up Marc at 10 to six. His bus was later than expected, (6:20) and he was supposed to leave again right away and go to Ceridian, to help some of those programmers out (the ones replacing him), they ARE paying him to do this. So noone was here to give out candy anyway while I was out with the kids, and anyone, hardly anyone else was out besides us. In fact, at 7:00 when we finally went out, we were the FIRST people at most of the homes. Most parents just drive their kids into town and they trick or treat there.

I also "helped out" (or was present) in Dominic's class for the Halloween party in the afternoon.

By the time I had everyone home, into pyjamas, and they had eaten their (limited) share of candy for the day, brushed their teeth and finally gone to bed, (with the exception of Jean-Alexandre who stays up a little later) I just crashed in the armchair in the living room, while Jean-Alexandre talked about the Sims. When it looked like I was just about to fall asleep, he decided to go lie down in my bed for awhile, where he feel asleep, and I pretty much ended up falling asleep in the chair for a few minutes. I finally got up, cleaned up a little, and put Jean-Alexandre to bed downstairs. Then I went to bed.

So went my Halloween.

Poor Dominic was disappointed this morning that Halloween didn't last longer than one day.