Saturday, November 12, 2005

Generosity (from Juana la Cubana)

I arrived at my hut yesterday, after a long walk on the beach, with a few fish in one hand and a bunch of bananas in the other, to find El Alejandro sitting on the crude bench in front of my door with a smug smile on his face.

It appears that El Alejandro noticed all the cracks in my walls and set about filling them all in. He also fixed the roof while he was at it. The result is a stauncher, more esthetically pleasing wall. I was very happy. It is so nice to come across true generosity in this world, pure and free, nothing expected in return.

I invited him to supper of course and we talked of greek mythology and Jane Goodall while I prepared the fish.

Today is a bit cooler, with strong winds rolling in off the ocean. I close my eyes as I sit on the bench in front of my hut and enjoy the caress of the wind on my face. It has been so long since anyone caressed my face or played with my hair. I enjoy the wind even more knowing that if I want to escape it, it will no longer venture into my hut.

I have also taken precautions against the monkeys. I am in the process of finding ways to keep them out of my things, should they manage to get into the hut again.