Wednesday, October 12, 2005


My brain is jello, my legs are limp, I have no more energy left in the evening. It is so quiet here during the day, then rush hour hits. Or should I say rush hourS? The three oldest come home and then I have to get them all snacks, because they're all hungry, and then I have to do homework and cook supper at the same time, make sure they finish their supper, make sure they're done their homework and finally get the three youngest to bed. All at once, one thing on top of the next and/or one right after the other... It is just crazy. Then I sit down with my legs out in front of me and catch my breath. By the time DH comes home, the only one still up is Jean-Alexandre and he is either done his homework or finishing it. So he basically eats and then can relax in front of the TV. He doesn't get to see much of the kids on weekdays, poor him, but he DOES get to relax when he gets home! And I just feel like I've been flattened by a bulldozer.

Whiskey anyone?