Wednesday, October 26, 2005

El Alejandro (from Juana la Cubana)

I have met yet another strange character on this island. He appears to be a wanna-be greek warrior, yet he has given himself (or was given) a Spanish name. The other day I sat for hours with him in front of my hut, listening to battle strategies and learning all about Greek heroes and legends. His name is El Alejandro. He is an interesting character to say the least, even though what he talks about (for someone not impassioned on the subject like myself) is rather repetitive and I found myself drifting off and thinking about other things as he explained the advantages of one type of weapon over another.

El Alejandro is a rather handsome dude, even if he is a bit dark for an ancient greek. But I imagine that even back then, there were dark greeks even if they prefered blond. El Alejandro wears armour and carries a sword. He wore a laurel wreath around his head the other day. He is very passionate about war and battles but he has not yet enlightened me on the finer points of greek society or philosophy. Perhaps we might talk about these things the next time? Or perhaps he is too busy conquering other lands to even learn much about philosophy.