Saturday, October 22, 2005


Dominic's soccer coach has been letting all the children on the team try being in the net, in order to find the child best suited to be a goalie. Today was Dominic's turn in the net and he did so well that the coach left him there and at the end of the match he told Marc "I think we've found our goalie." Way to go Dominic!! I saw a bit of it before leaving to take Maryssa to her soccer match, and he was positioning himself very well to intercept the ball, throwing himself on the ground to grab the ball, coming out to meet the ball instead of staying stuck to the net like some do, and paying attention, unlike some who forget they are in the net and suddenly find the ceiling very interesting, or their feet, or... whatever. Ha ha. So now he just has to practice kicking the ball so he passes to his team a little better (and not to the opposing team!) and he'll be set.