Saturday, October 15, 2005

Are You a Cultural Catholic?

"You are a WASP/Convert"

You've been to a parish bingo game once. Don't
worry, we won't tell. After all, WASPs are
allowed in the Church as well.

We just don't trust you very much.

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What I would like to know is: What the heck is a WASP and why are "we"(?) not to be trusted? And how did I even get that result? I thought I was a pretty good Catholic, I thought I chose fairly Catholic responses... and why the comment about going once to a parish bingo, is that supposed to mean that's as often as I've been near a Catholic Church? I don't think so!!!

Edited to add: I went to the author's page and saw the (hilarious) explanation of what it is to be culturally Catholic. So that cleared things up. I am definitely not very culturally catholic. And I think the bingo thing doesn't mean I don't go to mass, it just means I'm not the type to go to all these extra-curricular parish activites. Which is more or less true. But I still don't know what a WASP is. To read the post go here. It's worth it.