Saturday, August 27, 2005

Soccer Festival

We just spent the whole day at a soccer festival here. Our three oldest each had a game, Dominic at 10:30, Maryssa at 12:30 and Jean-Alexandre at 1:30. We left home in a rush (as usual, we were running late) and I forgot the sunscreen at home (aaackk!!!). So most of us burnt at least a little bit because there is NO shade there. I had brought along a couple of umbrellas to sit under, but we couldn't all fit under them and we weren't under them enough. I am the one who burnt the most, on my face of course, the rest of me is not too bad. Maryssa got burnt too on her face quite a bit but not as bad, and Gabriel and Dominic each got a lot more colour. Even Jean-ALexandre under his dark skin got rosy cheeks. Tommorrow we will be outside all day again as we are going on a family outing with Ceridian, the group Marc works with. We will be apple-picking. I definitely plan on NOT forgetting the sunscreen this time. This is the first time I have burned all summer... I've always been pretty careful to put sunscreen on, especially in the middle of the day.

Soccer was fun, Maryssa scored a few goals in the five-year old division, and Dominic scored a very nice goal in the 7-year old division and also had an "assist". Jean-Alexandre's team won 5-1. They played extremely well. Great defense Jean-Alexandre!!! It was fun to watch but it sure takes a lot of effort to get to everyone's game on time and find time to eat in between games sometime, especially with long line-ups in front of the food... We missed out on the cake, just didn't have time when there was still lots and then there wasn't any left after our last game... We also missed out on the inflated games (to the chagrin of the three youngest) because they started deflating the games just after we arrived, which was after Jean-Alexandre had received his medal and we had no more soccer games.

We took (Marc took) lots of photos which I will post here once we get them developed. I also have photos I took during some of the regular season games.

In the meantime, I will scan the professional photos and put those up.