Thursday, August 25, 2005

Slight ocular impairment...

I have this spot in my left eye, have had it for a week now. Tuesday I went to see the optometrist, who sent me to the opthamologist who is sending me to the retinologist. I wonder how far down the lane of specialized ocular medecine I will have to go? hee hee.

Apparently it is an accumulation of liquid from a vessel in the eye, and so far it is not dangerous, as it has not moved, or gotten bigger and has not affected my vision. It is just a strain on the eye as everything behind the spot is discoloured and just slightly difform. It is not in my direct vision but just slightly to the left, so that what I am looking at directly is not affected, only what is directly to the left of it. For example, if I look at the letter "n" at the end of the word "accumulation" here on the screen, "accumula" is behind the spot and "tion" is not. So it is still close enough to the center of my vision to be a royal pain in the oculus.

The opthamologist thought the retinologist might want to take a laser to it to get rid of it, to make sure it never moves, because if it did move, then it would affect my vision, but she wasn't sure if he would do that right away depending on how he thought that might affect my pregnancy.