Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rose Prince - Incorruptible

Just thought I'd do some promotion for the cause for Rose Prince, another native woman who perhaps will be made saint one day, after blessed Kateri Tekakwitha?

Check this website out: http://www.pgdiocese.bc.ca/roseprince/
(By the way, the PG Diocese or Prince George Diocese, is my old Diocese. I lived in Prince Goerge BC from June 1997 to April 2003 and I SOOOOOOO miss my old parish, with all the young families, and a great community spirit,... boo hoo hoo, wahhhhh!!!)

From the website:

Lejac is situated along the highway, a two-hour drive west of Prince George, between Vanderhoof and Fraser Lake. Every summer on the second weekend of July a three-day pilgrimage is held on the grounds where the Lejac Indian Residential School once stood.

In 1990, responding to the desire of former Lejac Residential School students for a reunion, Father Jules Goulet, OMI, former pastor of St. Andrew's Parish in Fraser Lake, along with a local elder and childhood friend of Rose Prince, initiated the first pilgrimage. After this very humble beginning when 20 people gathered, awareness of the pilgrimage and the life of Rose Prince grew. It gradually gained momentum with greater collaboration between the First Nations people and others who have built on a common vision and worship. (...)

In 1951 it was decided to relocate a few graves that were west of the Lejac Indian Residential School to another larger cemetery nearby. During the transfer the casket of a young woman named Rose Prince broke open. She had been buried two years earlier.

The workers were amazed to find both Rose's body and clothing perfectly preserved. Other bodies were examined. All of them, some buried after Rose, were found to be decaying. When witnesses were called, including some Sisters, they found her body in perfect condition. She seemed transparent and looked as if she were sleeping. There was "just a tiny little smile on her face". A bouquet of withered flowers was on her chest.