Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pregnancy update

Well, I am 21 weeks pregnant, I have gained about 12 pounds or so, and my belly is starting to take shape... For a couple of hours there, I thought I had actually LOST five pounds (!!!) instead of gaining anything, but that was because someone had fooled around the scale and set it to 285 lbs or so, about 15 pounds off of zero... hee hee

Baby is moving around a lot too, I can feel him/her a lot more...

I am seriously considering having this one unassisted at home... have been reading up a lot about this, the idea just seems more and more appealing as the pregancy advances. I may at least try to spend most of the labour period at home in the bathtub, and if everything is going well, I might just "accidentally" not make it to the hospital on time!!!